The Beating Read Count : 18

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Woke up at 03:00 only to find Leanne waiting in the kitchen
I looked at her with the death stare and she stared back
"Im out bye girls"mom said while exiting the house.i was
On my way out when i saw her lighting candles,i blow one candle
And a fight started my head is pounding and theres nothing 
I can do.i picked up the fight "im sorry"I said to my body

My body is filled with wounds I don't understand why someone
Would do this to their baby sisters.that evil dog did this
I was talking to myself with wet hot tears flowing on my chicks
I looked up only to see a black ugly dot on my face I wanted
To kill her but I don't have money to plan the funeral I said
While applying make up on my face

She was furious I knew the damn reason why she did this
I was going on a trip and she wasn't...this jealous bitch will
 be the death of me.I said while fixing my hair..I saw her passing!
Let me end her I said while checking if she was really gone
My ribs and chest are painful I have to do something.
I took my phone and checked the time its 06:40 im late

I need a trainer 


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