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If we could learn to bottle up the rain

The sound of a Cold mountain stream as it flows down into the valleys below the sound of butterfly wings flapping in the wind as you watch thousands of them take off and go

When I get angry only certain things that can calm me down before the pain starts to hurt and I hit the ground

There is nothing better than the sound of rain drops the pitter patter of fresh morning rain as it's hits the ground it brings an odor a smell that is so relaxing to my brain

The combination of the two is So Divine sometimes as I lay there listening, I'm so relaxed I can leave my mind

I can float in the air and the wind she like grabs and takes me about because time for her to blow away and she takes me back and I should be I say thank you for taking me out

I wish I could bottle up the rain because it takes away all my tears because it soothes my soul until there is no more pain

Unfortunately, here in the desert there isn't much rain so the days along I'm in constant agony sometimes I think I'm going insane

Then finally here comes the monsoons you start hearing the drop that's hit the ground and my soul and my head starts to settle down

Oh, I wish we can bottle up the rain and store it for another day when I get so bad I begin crying because I broke the main

The smell is it's like no other that I've ever encountered before no matter where I'm at it still smells the same, I just wish you could bottle it up and put it in the store

I know it's silly but I think I'm going to pack my bags today and follow the rain wherever it may go here and there this way that way because I'm tired of the pain

I love it here it's so quiet and peaceful but I'm in constant pain if only we could learn just wishing it can't hurt if only, we could learn to bottle up the rain


  • Beautiful

    Oct 27, 2020

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