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I saw you with your homies on my phone 
Screen it was love at first sight and I didn't believe 
In it..I tried so hard to fight it and it was useless
Cause the more i tried fighting it its  the more I fell
I never thought I would love someone and you proved
Me wrong,im falling hard and im scared,im scared because
I never felt this way before

I wish someone could explain what this feeling is
But I cannot describe it,i dont understand any of this.
My word stuck into my mouth everytime when
I talk about you.I wish I could call you mine but I know
That its impossible. I know all about you while you
Know nothing about my existance,its like you live in
A planet,a planet where i dont exist

You made me do things,things i never thought
I would do i followed you on all social media's and you
Never noticed me.call me stalker and i will agree,i dont 
Think correctly when it cames to you,im scared because
I'm breaking walls that took me 15years to build.I wish I knew 
You before you got famous maybe we could have been friends

I wish I was someone else,maybe someone i arent today
I wish i could be prettier!prettier than those cuties you 
Follow.they say not all dreams comes true and you are 
That one dream.i wish i could get a new heart a heart 
That will hate you,a heart that will fall for someone that 
Will love me,but its not that easy,its not easy to forget that
One person you love♥♥♥♥


  • Oct 27, 2020

  • keep it up

    Oct 27, 2020

  • deep poem, great read, all the best 😀👍✌👌🐝

    Oct 28, 2020

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