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Looking into your eyes I saw the love ♥you
Had for me,you loved me more than i loved 
Myself.i regret my actions every second of the
Day.i should have loved you instead of playing you
I made more mistakes than you did.i wronged you and 
You continued to love me im sorry

Im sorry for being selfish
I was young and stupid I know that I cannot
Change The past  but I can change the future
I never thought that my actions back there would
Haunt me until I know ,I know how stupid 
I was to ruin an innocent persons life

You were good before you met me I turned you
Into bad within days,I should have listened to you
But I held back to those who have no intentions with 
Me.I failed you and now I need you,I need you to help me
I so wish I could turn back time and make right decisions,
Decisions I failed to make in the past

I don't know who I was and who i am..I'm lost and
I need you!‼your everything I could wish for now.I know
That I had my chances and I ran out of time because of 
My stupidity. You were the only person who saw me
For who I was and I only saw you for who you were 
I played you and I'm sorry

I played you like a piano,I hurt you slowly
You were helpless and I continued to cause you
Pain.the pain I'm carrying now


  • Oct 27, 2020

  • sorry to hear of your suffering, hope you're OK, a nice poem of pain and heartache, all the best from the UK. 😀👍👌✌🐝

    Oct 28, 2020

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