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I'm convinced 
Life's no journey 
But mearly  a destination 
Worth yearning 
Life is not mine and your stories 
But purposely an open book 
With pages that hurt turning
All the while 
On your face is the tall tail signs of decline
But it's a far cry
 from  now until the time you'll die
When Hard times leave hard lines
Best believe you'll be Scarred 
for rest of your life
Better be wise better upsize that pride inside
You Gotta outshine before your  deadline  
Do what you have to
To Change this time
Be On call to overhaul redirect and Redesign
 Be inclined to step out of line
 get redefined make the stars align
Through space and time Avoid all hipe
 And Right before you die keep this in mind
As eternal darkness overrides 
Keeping you in check 
Cutting everyone down to size 
You wanna be able to walk into the light
If there is an afterlife 
You wanna be able to live forever 
Or At least until you get it right
We all start out in a double header 
With all the bark and half the bite 
Run away from trouble never 
That's not what it means 
To stay alive 
Best get a piece when you can 
Cause damn this  reality bites


  • Oct 27, 2020

  • Oct 27, 2020

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