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Cuddle weather

It’s cold and rainy not a good day for waking up alone and there's absolutely no one since you went away to call on the phone
I look back at the memories of you we share they keep me alive and going without them I would not even dare
Mornings that are cold and dark is when I miss you the most when it's cuddle weather nothing compares to you babe, I tried blankets and nice pillow stuffs with feathers
Everything falls short you were nice and comfy and you were always toasty as you lay your body next to mine, I felt safe when I was upset you were the only one that was able to calm me down and my lips you would find
When it was pouring cats and dogs and the dogs were howling that’s cuddle weather and it is when I miss you the most and I start getting angry and I begin scowling
You weren’t here to calm me down the rest the day I would be grumpy and snap at everyone I met and give them a frown
I've gone to every store in town looking for something to cuddle since you're not around
And I confess I couldn't find anything that reminded me of you I still can remember your soft skin it was warm and it had a smell of roses just the thought turns me blue
So now I lay in my bed alone and I cry with no one to listen but our memories without them I think I would die
I remember that you would hold me real tight not a word was spoken you would put your fingers to your lips and kiss me to keep me from speaking in fear that the magic would be broken
I felt at peace when I was in your arms like nothing could hurt me as long as you held me tight, I was safe from harm
We would not utter one word for hours not making one sound just holding each other real tight like if your lost alone in the woods at night and then you were found
That feeling I’ve only felt with you my dear I don't know why the Lord took you away from me I must have done something wrong I fear
Yes, mornings like today  we would just lay in bed together when it was cold and dark are the days I miss you the most cuddle weather


  • Oct 27, 2020

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