They Always Hurt Her Read Count : 25

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Sub Category : Adult Fantasy


"come on darling wear this dress " 

The old women ordered her daughter Anne . " But Mom you know that I hate this dresses " 

The old women looked at the girl with angry eyes then she screamed 

" Anne , i am  older than you and I know what is the best for you so do what i ordered you without saying anything  " 

Anne started crying and  wore that dress sadly .


" Dad , can I go to my friend's birthday party ?" 

Anne asked her father politely waiting for his accept 

The father didn't even look at her . He stayed looking at the newspaper than he replied 

" No . Don't judge me and go to your room now " 

Anne put down her Head and went upstairs to her room . 


Anne's little brother was playing at his parents room then he found a pink wallet . He opened her and took that money . After minutes he run away to the shoop . He bought whatever he could from sweets and chocolates then he went back home .

" Who stole my money ? " 

The mother screamed at her children . The little boy Arthur was very nervous because he did something wrong and now he is afraid from her mom . 

" I know the dower " 

Arthur said rapidly then he added

" It's Anne . I saw her . She bought pancakes because you didn't prepare it for her this morning " 

Arthur finished his words nervously . The mother was very angry . She directly slapped Anne with her power 

" Mom believe I didn't  . I didn't leave my room today . It's not me mom I swear " . 

The mother slapped her again and she said " what do you mean ? . You brother lies ? You dirty theift " 

Anne didn't add anything she Just walk away and cried a lot . 

Those things happened daily . Everytime they blame Anne . Now nobody believe her . They don't even trust her . But they regret about all the day when Anne suicide . 

She killed her self with a big knif . She cut all her body . She left this letter for them 

" Mom , dad and everyone hurts me . I wish you would be happy because l left you . I didn't do anything wrong for you to hate me . Let me tell you something . I hate all of you . I wish you would drown in your regretting then you will not have anything to do . It's the good bye " .

The mother read that letter then she fell crying . She started reading Anne's name but unfortunately she is gone . She will not be their anymore so they can't hurt her again 


  • Oct 26, 2020

  • Oct 27, 2020

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