Imagine EBoy//Colby Brock (part4) ⚠️Trigger Warning ⚠️ Read Count : 17

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fan-fiction
Sam goes down to the living room wishing to see you there. He started to call " Y/N", and Kat Ari's girlfriend that is more then friends came and asked Sam "what wrong"? He tells Kat that he can't find you. She then texts Ari and tells her what's going on.  Ari saw the text and came to the Trap House immediately. She knocked on the door till Kat opened it for her. Ari came storming into the house with a bat and gun in her purse that is not loaded yet. She saw that the light was on in the bathroom with blood coming out from underneath the door. Ari breaks the door open and sees you on the ground coverd in blood, with a knife that you still have in your hand. Ari checks your pulse and said that she is still alive but she is losing alot of blood and I know who did it. Ari tells Sam to call the ambulance,but don't ask questions. He does. The ambulance comes in about 5 mins.  
            *After you go to the hospital.*
Ari goes to find Colby. After she sees Colby 


  • Oct 25, 2020

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