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I will get my life back

Mister excuse me I'm sorry to bother you what’s your name just because I asked you 5 minutes ago what it was does not mean I am playing a game
You’re not very professional in fact you are very rude no wonder I forgot who you were you are an obnoxious prude
This is not a jail you can't lock me in my room and forget about me like I'm being entombed,
You stick that finger in my face again I'm going to break it in two I told you not too now look what you made me do
Sit here put some ice on it will help to keep down the swelling and pain now stop your balling I didn't break it it's only sprained
I don't know what you were thinking or what you were smoking snorting or drinking
You can't lock me in my room because you don't like my opinion now, I’m going to get escorted to my room by one of your minions
I haven't threatened you it was your finger in my face and I have my rights I was not being disruptive I may not know my name but I know how to fight
Yep I think it's broken it's starting to swell I bet that hurts
I'm sorry man it’s I’ll reflex I didn't mean to rip your shirt
Let me help you up you can stand that’s it you got some muscles on you the man
Yep when you get out of that cast sure I will come to my room I show you that move your name is Bill
Very nice to meet you Bill I might not remember your name when you come see me that jerk over here is thinking I'm paying some kind of game
But he doesn't get it he doesn't know who he's playing with ex-marine 30 years go get your arm fixed come back and we’ll have a beer
Listen whatever your name is don't stand behind that bookcase Chicken shit you’re a fink next time you send somebody to escort me I’m going to hit you with a kitchen sink
You’re lucky 20 years ago I would have cut your throat to let you fall to the floor dead I wasn't very nice back then I like hitting people in the head
The reason why I came down here in the first place is that I got a call from my daughter yesterday they said I wasn't here I was in like outer space
What you told them to say that you piece of crap it my daughter's birthday yesterday I was going to buy her brand-new car not some scrape
What did you just say I don’t believe it I have not one penny left to my name  boy I might still put my foot up your ass then you would wish this was is a game?
There was six million dollars in my account when I came here six months ago don’t you lie what did you guys do with it where did it all go
Corporate told you to keep me drugged up every day while you swindled all my money away
I thought I felt funny I thought higher than a kite and I was sleeping all day and night
Now before I kill you what gave you the right to take my money you took all my nickels and dimes that worked hard for over the years to give to my kids that’s not funny
I signed a power of attorney giving you the right not any second any minute any hour of any day or night
Would I ever be that stupid enough to sign my rights away now you listen to me piece of shit I'm leaving this place today
Before I go, I want all the paperwork and all your files you have on me and I'm going to take you guys to court and get all my money back and see
Boy you are very lucky 20 eyears ago you surely be dead I just pull out a gun and shoot you in the head
This is everything don't try to hide it give it here and you’re not done I want you to write it on paper everything that you we're told to do then sign it I know this isn’t fun
Oh, look we have a visitor it’s Penny Weather your secretary yes dear may I say you do look nice in feathers
You’re welcome and came down to tell me that swats is here and they would like to talk to me before anybody gets hurt and starts to disappear
Why is everybody thinking I'm going to hurt someone I'm the kindest man in here because I broke down the door yelling and screaming acting like a madman and everybody's shirking in fear
Okay I’m sorry that I scared everybody that was not my intent and for you to piece of crap and that finger that I bent
Swat is coming down to take me to jail that’s fine I'll be back after I make bail
I shall return to you get all my stuff packed to go live in some old run-down shack
Thanks again for all these papers you can bet all that Jack dam I remembered your name that I'm going to take you to court and I will get my life back


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