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I remember when I first met you,
I saw a light and thought it was from you.
Everytime I was sleeping with you,
It's always in my dream so I thought it was you.

This trapped me in the notion
That I was with my love and it felt like heaven.
I saw you as my angel and my forever
And treated you as a gift that I need to treasure.

Even when you rapidly changed,
I tried to understand and stayed.
Thinking that our love was just being tested,
I done my best to stay strong even when it's hard.

So when you left, it nearly killed me
I threw all blames on me
I contacted you a thousand times
But all I received were blocks and hang ups

When I nearly lost myself, I was shocked
That light showed up again then I cried
That light was brighter and purer than before
I closed my eyes as I felt my feeling becoming lighter

It's when I realized that from the beginning, it was not you
It was God protecting me from you
He's been with me all through out
So when you realized you can't break me, you left.


  • Oct 24, 2020

  • Oct 24, 2020

  • great stuff, well done!! 😀👍👌✌🐝

    Oct 25, 2020

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