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So here we are back to this,
Lost and alone now I sit.
To feel my pain, 
You'd have to commit.
It eats you alive, 
I've seen it first hand.
It's a monster called cancer,
That got let in.
No need to panic,
It starts real slow,
Eats you alive before you know
A battle worth fighting? 
I need to know.
Cant take more suffrage,
My lifes my own. 
More pain to stall What cant be fixed
Not sure I want to commit.
This evil will kill from within.
I pray to god this cant be it.
I fought hard just to live life,
Now to be killed from the inside
Cancer is a sickness I wont fight
I think I'll just let it ride. 
No tears now it's my life.
If its cancer, that's god saying
It's my time. Fuck Cancer


  • Oct 25, 2020

  • Oct 25, 2020

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