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Officer on the run 

There was a man who put himself in harm’s way to protect the people everyday
He didn't ride in a fast fancy squad car he said his feet we're just as fast on the city streets
They gave him the part town with the highest criminal activity all of the other officers had turned that beat down said it was a one-way ticket there was so much negativity
Someone had to go do it what else was he to do so he said yes, he then went out and bought him a new pair of shoes
The people were getting hurt every day to ensure that the people we’re safe he was going to put himself in harm’s way
They deserved to be protected and not hunted down and sent to jail and prosecuted
So he begin walking his beat out on the city streets
He had a smile on his face he said hi to everyone he met until a call came in and then he  had chase
He was the officer on the run faster than a car and if he chased you down it wasn't fun
I never seen a man that could move that fast  most people shook their head and said he wouldn’t  last
He got to know the people got to know their names got to understand how they lived how their life was not a game
After a while the word went out this man really cared I saw him chase down a car going downhill with the baby on board while everyone else just stared
He came flying by me and he was so fast I didn’t even see
I did hear that siren as he went flying down the street to catch that car to keep that baby from dying
You could swear up and down the car was going too fast he had no chance it was just too far
He never stopped he never gave up he never quit those feet never stopped moving and before that car smashed into a building, he was able to catch it
That baby was saved that day and kept her mother from going away
People started changing buildings and yards began to get cleaned everyday that’s not all criminal activity packed up and went away
How one man could change a town he never quit he never gave up he never back down
It didn't take long before the bad guys knew that being chase was just no fun if you were being pursued by the officer on the run


  • Sajid Khan pathan

    Sajid Khan Pathan

    i write action dialogues attitude lines

    Oct 24, 2020

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