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We are alive not a bot

When we look back to the beginning of time when there wasn't an awful lot even then there were the ones that have and the ones that have not
Wars have been fought over a small pieces of land people have killed in cold blood to eat some food out of a can
People have committed treason the list goes on and on it never ends just like the seasons
This game is gone on for centuries until one side beats the other people need to learn to live in harmony as if you're living with your sisters or brothers

People get jealous envious on what the other person has its human nature but as we evolve by learning from the past, we will mature
In reality that's not going to happen until I suspect both the haves and the have not’s learn humility and respect
If you look back in history when people flourished new inventions were being invented people's way of life were being nourished
Most people were content and satisfied with their lives and they kept the haves and the have not’s from hurting each other so we all could survive
But how long can this coexisting with one another last nothing ever stays the same all you have to do is look at the past
So you have to understand that what works today might not work tomorrow so new ideas are needed for us to grow
But when the middle class is gone because nothing stays the same then the haves and the have not’s  can once again play their silly game
If we let that happen if we let them play their game what does that say for us as people we should feel ashamed
When you're born you get one life guard it keeps it safe it is special don't throw it away it's worth fighting for don't lose your life because of a game somebody else wants to play
We are each different we have different customs and different faces but technically we're all the same we all belong to the human race
Each one of us have goals we want to meet we all have feelings that other people like to hurt but some people think their better and far superior so they laugh at you as they shove your face in the dirt 
All through history the example of people that have lost touch with reality and think maybe they can control you and you're no longer free
Sooner or later a cur dog will fight back and the haves are outnumbered 1000 to one and the have not’s given a chance will attack
In the end though the haves and have not’s will say that the other side is to blame but even now I still have faith that society will wake up and stop playing this silly game
If not, the human race will we die and become extinct like the dinosaurs who never did say goodbye
Answer to these questions only time will tell what the future may hold we may surprise everyone and learn to get along with each other and grow old

For the human race to survive we have to stop playing that game of have and have not’s because life matters to every one of us we are alive not a bot


  • There are a few grammatical errors, and too many run-on sentences, but it still has this very deep vibe to it, and it hits hard. Good job.

    Oct 23, 2020

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