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A motherly absence breaks open the endless inner endogenous hole,
The hole of my tortured soul, of the variety artistic and temperamental, The idiosyncratic self induced and rooted ingraining remorse,
At first light of her discomfort and sadness.
Over the current rerun of the endless self sabotage I endure to myself, never a new episode, never a new outcome.

This pain I bring is bequeathed unto the few who love me, 
If they truly love me,
Oh please love me,
Oh love me! Oh hold me!
Comfort me so softly so gently.

Please wipe my eyes of the salty burn that is beaten, battered, sleepless shattered,
emptiness of my gaze, 
Oh mother for it burns!
It burns everywhere,
Everywhere my soul touches hell daily,
Not to be soothed for a heavenly second even, 
No medicine for nurture, 
Not to be healed.


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