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    "Before you go, there is one thing I've been dying to know." His tone made her pause, and she turned slowly.
    "No answers guaranteed, you know that by now. What's up?" She crossed her arms over her chest, it was cold in the garage and the sweater wasn't helping. 
    "I'm pretty sure I'll have an answer." He sounded so confident that she rolled her eyes and laughed softly as he moved closer. Tilting her face to look up at him.
    'Then by all means.... what is it you're dying to know?" He stepped into her personal space, one hand finding her hip, guiding her backward until her back pushed up against the door. He moved slowly,  sliding a knee between her legs, not looking away as his free hand slid under her hair at the nape of her neck. Her eyes closed and his mouth descended.
    His lips slid over hers, testing, gentle, and when she didn't protest his fingers fisted her hair and tugged until a strangled moan escaped. The moment her lips parted he lost himself, his tongue invaded her, the kiss going demanding. He felt her fingers slide over his chest, feather-light before she gripped his shirt like she needed an anchor. He pressed closer, his knee pushing up between her thighs, feeling her shudder as his lips left hers. 
   "I wanted to know how you'd feel against me, under me, how you tasted." Her lashes fluttered open slowly, lips still parted as she caught her breath.
    "Oh..." Feeling her color rise she lowered her gaze to his shirt bunched in her fists. "Guess you did get your answer then." His fingers slid along her jawline, forcing her head up.
    "You're not hearing me. I want you in my bed, naked,  shaking as you scream my name. I want to know every fucking inch of you. I want to be buried deep inside you while you're on your hands and knees, begging me to fuck you harder." She shifted, rubbing against him slightly, her sharp intake of breath letting him know she was struggling to keep herself composed. 
    "Then why are we standing here again?" She used his shirt to pull him to her, nipping at his bottom lip before kissing him deeply. Tongue exploring his mouth as he had hers. She felt his hand slide under her sweater, cold fingers tracing a path from her waist up to her ribcage. He hesitated only a moment before sliding her bra up, cupping her breast and letting his thumb trace over her nipple. Arching at the sudden feeling she pulled back, letting his lips slide down her neck. 
    "You need to get inside. It's too cold to strip you down out here. Come on." His voice was low, almost a rumble as he forced himself to step back. The cold hit her again, clearing the pheromone induced fog from her head. A moment of fear hit and she hesitated until he pulled her close to him, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "I should have kissed you before you got outside. I'll make it up to you." He leaned close murmuring the words as he led her back inside.
    "I... it wasn't that cold. I'm sure I'll be warm in a few minutes." Her voice sounded off, soft, needy almost. She felt her cheeks going warm again as she slid her shoes off. Was this a good idea? All she knew was she wanted him, had for a while. His fingers enclosed hers, holding tight as he led her through the house.
     "Come here." Both hands were under her sweater, sliding it up and off before he unhooked her bra and let it slide down to the floor. She shifted uncomfortably, moving to cover herself but his hands were already undoing her jeans. "Don't. I want to see you." 
    "Not fair that you get to have your clothing on babe." You're overdressed." He slid her jean's and panties down, and she braced herself with a hand on his shoulder as she stepped out of them. He stood back up slowly, fingers tracing paths up her body until he held her breasts. He watched her with unblinking eyes, slowly pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Her breath hissed out, almost a moan as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her eyes closed.  
    "Lose your clothes, I've had dreams about being on my knees for you, your dick down my throat." She let her hands move down over his chest, finding the front of his jeans. 
    "Look at me, ask nicely and maybe you'll get your way." His fingers pinched and tugged, and she couldn't hold back the moan as her eyes opened. She knew what he wanted, they had talked once about sex, and the things they both liked. She licked her lips, his eyes following her tongue.
    "Can I please suck your dick... Daddy?" His eyes were hooded, full of something she couldn't quite place. But he finally let go of her nipples, pulling his shirt off even as she undid the button she'd been toying with. He was hard already and she slid her fingers over the length of him, hearing his sharp inhale. She pushed him towards the bed, letting him sit as her heart pounded hard in her chest. She dropped to her knees, trying not to let her hands tremble as she slid them over his thighs. Her eyes found his, unable to look away as she leaned in, parting her lips, licking his head before sliding him in deep. 
    "Oh fuck." His breath left him, hand finding the back of her head, twisting in her hair. He pulled her closer,  hips rocking as she sucked, letting him slide far enough to make her gag before pulling back. Her eyes had gone dark at the taste of him, her small moan sending vibrations through his shaft that made his teeth clench. He felt her hands cup his balls, stroking, exploring, even as she let him take control. He pushed in deep, watching her big blue eyes go wide as she struggled for a moment, fingers tensing for just a second on his thigh. She never pushed him back, her trust in his control nearly pushing him over the edge. He pulled back, her panting breaths warm on his skin. Her lips were swollen, eyes glassy, she moved her head,  trying to reach him, but his grip on her hair stopped her. 
    "I'm not done yet." There was a frustrated tone in her voice and he chuckled. 
    "As much as I'm enjoying you, Princess, I haven't even started yet. On the bed." She pursed her lips, looking defiant so he hauled her up by her arms and bent her over. Giving her ass a hard enough smack to make her gasp. Pushing down on her back to keep her there he swatted her again, watching her skin turn pink as she buried her face in the blankets to hide her moan. "You're not enjoying yourself are you?" He ended the sentence with another slap and she cried out, a muffled yes coming from her. "Yes?"
    "I'd be enjoying myself more if you would fuck me instead of playing with me." She tried to sound angry, but it came out as a breathless whimper. He chuckled, rubbing the tender spot on her ass. 
    "So impatient." He slid his fingers down, in between her thighs, finding her already wet. "And so wet. Tell me, is it my dick down your throat, or the spanking that got you all hot and bothered?" 
    "Both. Please don't make me wait for it..." She looked over her shoulder, face flushed as she pressed back against his hand. He motioned for her to move farther onto the bed. 
    "On your back." She rolled, and he pushed her legs farther apart, watching her as he lowered himself down, feeling her hips jerk at the first swipe of his tongue over her clit.
    "Oh fuck!" Those were the only two words she could manage as his lips closed around her, arms wrapping around her thighs to keep her still as he devoured her. Her hands reached down, grasping onto his wrists tightly as her whole body tightened. Her cries growing louder as she lost the little control she had left. She came hard, yelling his name as her legs shook, struggling to catch her breath before the next wave took her. He didn't stop until she bucked against his hold, too sensitive to take any more and he heard her begging words. "Fuck me, Daddy, please! I need your fucking cock inside me!" He let her go, moving up her body until his mouth was on hers, letting her taste herself on his lips.
    "On your hands and knees, right fucking now baby." She moved slowly, still trying to catch her breath, he grabbed her hips and jerked her into place before he leaned over her, slowly wrapping her hair around his fist. "Say it again. Tell me what you want." She whimpered as he pulled her hair tight. 
    "Fuck me, Daddy. Hard. I need you right now." He thrust inside her, feeling her muscles grip him tightly. She cried out, feeling him pull her back, adjusting to the feel of him. He spanked her hard again, feeling her muscles squeezing as she almost came again. 
    "Fuck I've waited so long to be inside you." He thrust hard, not slowing, spanking her until her ass was red and she screamed as she came hard. 
    "Oh God, I can't..." She tensed again, unable to stop herself.
    "You can, I plan on spending the next day showing you what you can take. One more, give me one more. Come with me, baby, one more fucking time." He reached around her, rubbing her clit as he fucked her hard, his other hand gripping her shoulder, keeping her exactly where he wanted her. 
    "Fuck!" She screamed again voice hoarse as she rocked back against him, hearing his shout as he came with her. He leaned over her, arms going around her, holding her tightly until they could both breathe again.
    "Jesus Christ woman." He panted the words, dropping onto the bed next to her as she collapsed. 
    "I think you killed me." the words came out with a soft laugh as she turned her head to look at him through her tangled hair. He reached out, sliding his fingers over her shoulders and back. 
    "Just so you know, I plan on fucking you every way I can think of, and after that, we'll get creative." She blushed, pulling a pillow over her face to hide.
    "Shut up! And like look that way or something So I can find my clothes." She flailed her arm towards the other side of the room and he laughed.
    "Nope. No getting dressed, no hiding." He moved closer, pulling her over his chest as he rubbed her back until they both drifted off. 


  • Oct 22, 2020

  • Oct 22, 2020

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