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Learn To Live Again: The Rose That Grew From Concrete

" Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet. Funny, it seems to by keeping it's dreams; it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.. "
-Tupac Shakur

I built my own castle, thriving within the walls of the dark place. Afraid to leave, afraid to live again. Sometimes I wanted to run, run away from the pain. Find my place in the world... My purpose. When my demon came knocking on my door. The demon that I have carried for 8 years, the one that promised me safety, that promised me comfort, that lied to me for all these years. He said, I couldn't if I tried. And I didn't. Because I believed him. I've carried him on my back, traveled miles and miles. He speaks in my head, takes me on a narrow path. A path I don't belong. I wanted to feel better, I wanted to erase the depression and anxiety I have been dragging around for a long time. It felt like being smothered in ink. He couldn't be erased. He put me in chains, locked me in a cage, and brought me down.. Too far down. He paralyzes me, he makes me hate myself, he makes me afraid of change, afraid of the world. He makes me want to pray to God that no one in the world has to suffer this torture he puts upon me. 

Your skin is not paper, don't cut it. 
Your heart is not glass, don't break it. 
Your life is not a book, don't end it. 

I want to learn to live again.
My demon has finally brought me in. 
I don't want to see the world in grey. 
I don't want to live inside a cage. 
I don't want to drag you around. 
Because you only slow me down. 
I can move on without you. 
There is always light after dark
There is always good after bad
There is always peace after war
There is always a joy after tears
There is always you and me. 
Though we may be farther than you may know. Though I do not know who you are. Though I do not know your heart, your feelings. Though I have not stepped into your shoes. Though I have not lived the same life you have lived. Learned the same lessons you have. Know that I love you. You don't deserve to go into a world, thinking that you are disliked. Waiting for someone to care. I care about you, there are so many things to live for. Life is more than worth living. It's knowing what you've accomplished when it comes to an end. 

Did you hear about the girl, the boy that built their own walls? 
The ones that grew, feeling alone, feeling lost? 
The ones who were quiet and distraught? 
The ones who stood up and learned to walk? 
The ones who opened their doors, and unlocked the cage? 
The ones who kept following their dreams and never gave up? 
The ones that learned to live again. Despite the pain they had conquered, despite the despair they had suffered, despite the tears, the scars and the bruises. Despite the stones that people threw. Despite the life they lived, with no one to care. 

You are a rose, and despite where you come from, you can grow. Just like the one that grew from concrete. You can make it out of the dark if you open your eyes and see the light. 


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