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    Dark theater like Halloween mazes,
Childhood mummies and
danger danger! Excitement!
     Pornographic lightshow wall projections.
Prep yourself from infections,
Open air erections. 
Meet friends, break the ice, 
"wheres your friend, let me feel your cock,
Is it nice?"
       Red ethereal glowing chandeliers hang satanic mythology.
Moaning at midnight, dah-lin.
Groaning at all the creeps that follow me,
        Call on me, 
Swallow me whole
Smother on pedestal over the den of 
    NoGood friends gives when they can so they can take when they need, 
Grope me, 
strip me,
expose me any way you want 
Good friend helps reciprocate twenty towards
your next shot of 
Which I need. 
     Bottom feeding vultures lurk around devouring stranded skinny. 
    Boys with big bulges showing everything. 
       Circling. Circling. 
    Circling.        Circling.
Circling.           Circling.
Circling.              Circling.
    Circling.        Circling.

The elders of the queers have spotted a prey.
      Wait for vulnerable moment alone,
Perhaps fallen asleep, pants down,


  • not my cup of tea but interesting, visionary.

    Oct 22, 2020

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