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I'm out of touch, with the world. I have estranged myself to the world around me. The only thing keeping me connected to this world is what I see... And what I hear and what I say and do from the time I open my eyes till the time I close them to go back to sleep. I like it... But, inevitably,at times, I need to journey back to The real world from up in the skies. Normally,I have no need to "journey back" from the skies. I just snap out of my head. But now, I find it rather difficult to do so. I have trouble coming out of the clouds to do things that require me to be in touch with the world. My head refuses to leave the clouds. Now I'm stuck in a dark route leading to the real world. But for now, I'll just hug my legs to my chest and leave my eyes closed. Just for a little while. A little while longer in this place that I created  to shield me from the darkness and arduousness of the world


  • Oct 20, 2020

  • Oct 20, 2020

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