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When the pain trickles down your veins,
When sadness brings clouds
To the sky of your happines...

When the void in your soul
Can no longer be filled with anything...
You become incomplete. 

When you let the sad songs
Run in the background of your life.
And you better understand the lyrics,
They've already broken your heart, my dear.

When you try to move on
But you are still stuck
In your failed relationship,
You feel incomplete...
With, or without your girlfriend/boyfriend.

  When you can hear the voice of your heart
Tellling you to wait.
When you can hear the voice of your head
Telling you it's better to stop...
You become incomplete.

When you, without her,
Are afraid to open your eyes.
When you, without him,
Are afraid to take another step,
You already know you're incomplete.


  • Oct 19, 2020

  • Oct 19, 2020

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