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My mind wanders relentlessly throughout the night...
As I lay there My mind races and brings me through trials and tribulations,
Although I'm the one who made stupid choices, it hurts but i can't cry,
Going through a path of tribulations only caused by my own unending destination,
Yet I cling to any sense of hope, to only be devastated by the very words of hate,
 I understand I doubt I will ever get the forgiveness I desperately seek, 
Try as I may to undergo a transformation I really want to make,
Seating my addictions is something I must overcome desperately,
The thoughts of my emerging consciousness of integrity,
Plagues me with guilt and sorrow that I know only I am to blame,
The thoughts of my wandering mind is something I have to understand, observing my shame, accepting blame, and undergoing change...
The thoughts of my wandering mind.....


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    Oct 19, 2020

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    Oct 19, 2020

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    Oct 19, 2020

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