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Ride forth against the tide, 

Rise above the surf of challenges, 

Welcome every sunrise with a vision, 

Send off every sunset with hope...

In dusty sand of times,

Hope makes you shine. 

Rise again even when you fall,

Break those barriers and walls,

Standing on edge of the knife, 

Is always a part of one's life... 

So ride forth against the tide, 

Opportunity is an ocean too wide.

                               ©Ivan Maximus 


When born on this ground,

With life's ups and downs,

Sorrow and pains,

Seems nothing to gain,

Love and hate,

With broken fate... 

A restless mind, 

Trying happiness to find, 

In its own way, 

To keep sadness away.        



Yippee Yay Yippee Yay,

In my own cowboy way, 

Riding a horse to reach, 

Where rich and wealthy stay...

Yippee Yay Yippee Yay, 

Without any word or a nay,

People give their goods to me, 

With all their blessings you see, 

It's all because of my gun, 

And robbery becomes fun... 

So Yippee Yay Yippee Yay, 

Riding horse in a cowboy way, 

Heading towards new town, 

To rob some babes in gown.



Life and Death... 

Remarkable was the day of your birth, 

Remarkable was your childhood, 

And the years that followed too soon, 

Remember your journey one last time, 

Before you close your eyes...

Remember all sins you have done, 

Before you say "good bye," 

After every dark night, 

There is another tomorrow, 

Like every bright sun light, 

Brings hope there is no sorrow... 

It's time to rest dear friend, 

It's time to rest in peace, 

And it's time to recall every thing, 

Before last breath you release, 

So remember your journey one last time, 

Before you close your eyes, 

Remember how beautiful life was, 

Before you say "goodbye"...




She floats like a dream, 

Before she sinks under, 

Carrying in her folds, 

The dying cries of the soldiers...

The dying cries of the passangers,

Who thought it can't sink,

This voyage is like an adventure,

Titanic was her name,

On it Jack and Rose played love game... 

Sometimes they loved, 

Other times they fight, 

And I got goosebumps, 

As Rose got naked at night... 

Then they went into a car, 

And in love went very far, 

Soon Titanic got jealous of Rose, 

She hit an iceberg that was too close... 

Every one rushed to save their lives, 

Some were even left by their wives, 

Every thing happened due to Jack and Rose, 

Sailors were watching their kiss, when iceberg was close,

Oh! I felt so pity when Titanic sank, 

But saw Rose naked, so many many thanks...



Hide and seek... 

Let me hide,

Then You seek, 

Through fingers gap,

Don't you peep... 

Under the bed, 

Or beside the door, 

In Granny's room, 

Or in my Dad's store... 

Count hundred, 

Until I make my mind, 

Which place to hide, 

Where you can't find...



An old book... 

The pages of my old book,

Hold my memories of yesterday,

Every smile, every tear,

Every person who came my way...

Some went far, Some were near,

And some are still present today,

So every pages of my old book,

Hold my emotions,

As deep as an ocean,

Expression of my feelings, 

Wounds those are healing,

Meaningful life, 

Clearly defined.....



Those days are best,

In which we all rest.

It releases all our stress, 

& bedsheet is our dress. 

It's nice to take a good sleep, 

Have a dream when it's deep. 

But when we wake up too soon,

We all really looks like a cartoon. 

& It's best to wake up early in sunrise, 

As it makes us healthy, wealthy & wise.



I see the reflection of my happiness,

In your eyes,

Picture perfect,

Like a bouquet of posies,

Like a sky full of sunshine...

Like intoxication of red wine,

Which increases my heart beat, 

As your love runs in my veins, 

So sometimes it aches in your pain...


Mother mine... 

Let me step into the warmth of your arms,

Let me bask in the sunshine of your smile,

Let me hold you a moment longer, mother mine...

You made me walk on my feet,

Protected me from every harm, 

Forgave if any mistakes repeat,

Now let me hold you in my arms... 

In shadow of your motherhood, 

I experienced love that was so pure, 

You pampered me in childhood, 

So be my mother in every birth for sure...



You sat with me under the shade of the trees,

Reading out the words that made no sense,

Not once did you lose faith,

Or let me be,

The slow and steady learner,

The butt of all the jokes,

Duffer! Failure! And more...

Distance between us made me realize,

Leaving your company was not so wise, 

Now I am alone, 

All on my own, 

With some old memories, 

Our true friendship stories...



He drops on the sandy folds,

Of a deathly bed,

A lost traveler of a mighty desert,

Parched throat, cracked skin,

He is his own Messiah,

Or another vagabond victim...

He found there was no u - turn ,

Wind blew hot due to hot headed sun ,

Dusty wind strikes his face ,

Survival here is against human race ,

His throat dries due to thirst ,

All he seeks for is water first ,

It's a place where nature cheats with one's mind ,

Gives a glimpse of fake oasis which seems easy to find ,

Though he might be carrying plenty of gold ,

But there was not a single drop of water to be sold,

"OH! Lord ", he cried " its your curse on mankind ,

Where source of life water is not easy to find ".



She toils through the day,

Without a word or a nay,

She earns her daily bread,

Not a tear does she shed...

She is living a pathetic life,

Walking at edge of the knife,

It's hope in everything she finds,

Though world has left her behind...


The train... 

Rickety, rick, rackety rack,

The train sings a song on its old track,

We swing with its tune,

Swaying and bouncing a moment too soon,

With lovely sights that passes by,

Carrying green fields and blue sky, 

Making children filled with joy, 

No matter if it's girl or a boy. 

Rickety, rick, rackety rack,

The train whistles moving on its old track, 

Its sound is clear and loud, 

Making its way to touch the clouds.



If only wishes can come true,

I have one or two or maybe a few,

And they're all about you,

But I still wait in a queue, 

For you to notice me too. 

Or shall I break this line,

My love to make you mine,

It is fair enough with you, 

And you will notice me too, 

If any wishes can't come true,

One or two or maybe a few, 

Then don't stand in a queue,

Make them come true for you.



The sound of the stadium's roar,

Resonates with every four,

Down the pitch,

Over the arm,

Cricket has its own charm.

Cricket is a game with ups and downs, 

And history to be made on the ground, 

With bit of politics, 

It's a game of gentlemen, 

A war between bowlers and batsmen. 

When stadium cheers in batsman's glory,

It's time to change whole game story,

But no one knows, 

How's the next ball, 

Is it batsman's or bowler's call.

So cricket has its own thrill, 

And for a ticket fan can kill.



Turn every page till you reach the end,

Read every word before you press 'send'

It matters a lot what ever you write,

As sometimes words do creates 'fight '.

Words should be clean and good to sound, 

It shows your discipline in world all around, 

You know words could be magical and tragical, 

So type those words which shows you are practical.


Open book... 

My life is an open book,

That led me through every nook,

And every corner of discovery,

Of life's long journey.

I guess you would like to take a look, 

As my life is an open book,

Every pages would be your discovery,

That's why we met in life's journey.



A twisted road,

A rebellious journey,

A challenging code,

Towards life's tourney.

On twisted road,

Rides rebellious warrior 

On bikers mode,

Broke all life's barriers.



In the end it was just me and my thoughts,

A painful trap, long after you were gone,

I think now it's me you just have forgot,

Makes me feel in this world I am alone.

It's your dream that doesn't let me sleep,

In my dreams I tried to touch your face, 

So under pillow it's your picture I keep, 

But doesn't satisfy me much in your case. 


Hidden truth... 

I looked up at the sky,

Are you there or you are a lie,

Tell me why do you feel so shy,

That no one can spot you from his eyes. 

I looked up at the sky, 

Just to know the reason why, 

Tell me why do you always hide, 

But still you are there by my side.


I wish like birds I could fly, 

To see whether you are there in the sky. 


Highjacked Bond... 

To accomplish a mission as I sat on Fantasy Flight, 

Announcement was made "Fasten your seat belt tight." 

Soon plane took off and it was on the air, 

With just a few passengers sitting in there. 

One of the passengers showed up suddenly, 

With a gun in her hand might be accidentally. 

"This plane is hijacked", as she replied,

Passengers on that plane got terrified. 

Believe me I myself was afraid,

When she looked at me & said. 

"Hey man ! Are you Mr Bond, 

Little Fish of a very small pond, 

Now I have my chance that I will not miss, 

Dude come near to me and give me a kiss. 

Strawberry flavoured lipstick I applied", 

"As you say my princess "soon I replied.

But suddenly I heard a loud scream, 

And I woke up from my long dream. 

I tell you my Lord" what you did is not fair, 

Sunny Leone dreams are exclusive and rare.

As she was the hijacker of that Fantasy Flight, 

And tickled me in my dream very last night. 

Even in my own dreams you make my own wife scream, 

Of her I lost my chance to taste strawberry ice cream.



I just bought a rose on this valentine,

But then I noticed no one was mine,

Into many pieces my heart was broken, 

I kept it inside from there it was still stolen. 

As now I have no one this valentine, 

So I kept that rose in a book of mine.


Million dollar smile... 

Here & there now I see you nearly every where,

Like a blossomed rose your fragrance spreads in air,

But above all is your million dollar smile,

Which drags away my sorrow many miles.



Oh! My dear Sunshine, 

If you have some time, 

Tomorrow at nine,

Get ready to dine,

With Chicken garlic lime,

We will have some wine, 

Restaurant is very fine,

Named "Thin red line",

 If you really are mine ,

Try to be there on time.



Forever and ever... 

Sometimes in your memories tears drip down my eyes,

I know you will never return all your words were lies,

But place where we first met I still go there & stand,

With love in my heart and flowers in my hand.



I heard your voice & I soon turned behind,

I looked for you but then I can't find,

Sometimes it looks like I am getting blind,

Why you play hide and seek with my mind.

You were the only light of my life, 

You were the best part of my side, 

But since you are away I'm in pain, 

I am that dry land which has no rain. 

But still I have to keep moving on, 

As those beautiful days are gone. 

When you always use to stand by my side, 

And there was a smile on my face too wide.


Let's leave it on time... 

Let me not come in your thought, 

It's better that you should forgot. 

Wall of wealth stand between us, 

It's best that you forget me thus. 

My Papa says, " You are going to marry a rich,

Not the one who wears a cloth that has stitch." 

My Mama says" I can't do to much, 

How can you love a poor girl such". 

Now tell me "what can I do, 

To fit you in my family too." 

My heart says "I can't take this pain, 

Just kill me once, its nothing to gain". 

But my mind says" just keep your calm,

Spread a smile don't loose your charm. 

You know one day will come, 

What you want it will be done". 


An invitation to the Moon... 

There is a restaurant around,

Which is above the ground.

There in candlelight together we are going to dine,

And have food that you suggest with some red wine,

Because I had reserved a table for two on the Moon,

And hired NASA to take us there pretty soon.

At first I decided to celebrate our friendship on the Star,

But when I compared it with the Moon I found it very far.


Life is a test... 

On this planet we are guest,

Where life is filled with test,

And we try to give our best,

Just to stay ahead of the rest.

Every one wants what other has got, 

The main cause of one's evil thought, 

Our hearts are filled with hate, a lot, 

And love is the only word we forgot. 

In this competition with each other,

We cut the throat of our own brother, 

May be we don't have same mother,

But God made us to love one another.


Happy to be me... 

I am happy to be me,

& someone else to see. 

I am happy to feel this fresh air, 

& one in neighborhood to care. 

I am happy to get wet in rain, 

& share our feelings in pain. 

I am happy to get sweat in the sun, 

& together fighting heat is always fun. 

I am happy to make you smile, 

& drag away sorrow many miles. 

I am happy to be born everyday, 

& pray for you to be born in same way.



I am a mirror but she is my reflection,

I may be perfect but she is perfection.

For my every action she is the only reaction, 

Her capabilities are center of my attraction. 

She is God's one of most beautiful creation, 

When ever I see her I go in critical situation.  

Still I don't know is it love or just affection? 

But for my heart she is mine only obsession. 

When those rain drops fall on me,

My heart is filled with joy you see, 

It makes me feel like you are near, 

There was no one like you my dear. 


Love game... 

But since you are away from me, 

And its your face that I can't see, 

My life is filled with pain n sorrow, 

Feels for me there is no tomorrow. 

But still I love to dance alone in that rain,

It makes me forget my sorrow and pain,

I know that you won't come back again,

My heart plays love game with my brain.



Tarry not towards the end, 

Await and appreciate, 

As you are now, 

Your sorrow and your joy...

Every moment you enjoyed,

Meaning and purpose,

Are difficult to find,

Experiences are its only kind...

Life is all about your existence,

Ready to meet with resistance, 

But survival and hope,

Are there for your assistance.



Meet me in the middle,

With an open mind,

Set aside differences,

We're the same kind...

We are like brothers,

So leave no one behind, 

Come and stand together, 

To bring peace on mankind... 




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