Somewhere Beyond Destiny.. Read Count : 22

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There is a beautiful land...
There is no work beyond your ability;
There is only one friendship band..
There is no time durability!

Everyone says it is imaginary.
Everyone says it cannot be the reality.
Everyone says it is just a state of mind.
Everyone says it is completely impossible.

Nobody says it is not imaginary,
Nobody says it can also be the reality.
Nobody says it's not just a state of mind.
Nobody says its is completely possible.

But what  I say, its imaginary transformig into reality;
But what I say, its a state of mind transforming into minds;
But what I say, it was impossible but someone made it possible;
But what I say, its somewhere beyond destiny..


  • Dec 01, 2020

  • Beautiful

    Dec 01, 2020

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