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Walking down the street, 
An old woman stops and says:
 "Please tell me, darling, what time is it now?" 

 She had in her hands
 Two bouquets of dried flowers
 That she wanted to sell.

 Her cheeks frozen,
 Her teary eyes made me listen 
To her words - carefully.  

She told me that in three months
 She had surgery three times, 
And that she was close to death,
 But God helped her,
And now she lives for the God.

  She told me that her pension
 Is not enough to live on, 
That the medicines are too expensive, 
But she does not want to beg. 

Her hands were cracked from so much work, 
Tired and worried about the days to come.
 I felt her pure soul like a child's, 
She felt the cold outside even in her fragile soul.

  She is seventy-nine years old,
 I am twenty-nine, 
Through her eyes I saw -
 My helplessness and pain at her age,
 Even though I am still young now.

How important it can be for you
 To have someone listen to you.
How important it is to listen to a good word
 When you need it the most...

If you can help, help.  
Life has ups and downs.

Now we can be young 
But there will come a time, 
When we will be in the place
 Of the people we try to ignore.


  • Nov 29, 2020

  • I like this poem very much

    Nov 29, 2020

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