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I had dark days, 
I had white nights.
I hid my thoughts
 In the deepest lakes. 

 I have had more failures
 Than achievements,
But there will come a day 
When I can celebrate them.

 I had falls, 
I got up on my own.
 In the end I hated 
Even my favorite song.  

I turned their voices into echoes
 And walked away, 
Then even now they didn't understand 
Why I couldn't hear them anymore.

I had days when I felt dead, 
I had days when I was alive.
And all the places where I felt good, 
Make me feel down now.

I see the past in the rearview mirror,
 The future awaits me today, 
The luggage with memories I would like
 To bury it somewhere on the road.


  • Nov 29, 2020

  • Nice🌹

    Nov 29, 2020

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