Waiting So Long Read Count : 21

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The warmth of my heart could warm
Even your coldest cells.
  My hot breath could cover
Every inch of yourself.

While you burn,
I will turn to ashes.
As long as you are free,
I will be the prisoner. 

My hands draw your face
While your lips play with my heart.
Even if it will hurt,
I let it pass to your heart. 

The breeze of my whispers
Descends on your shoulders.
You smile at me -
Clinging to my body.

  You are made of the millions of stars
I counted when I was little,
Having me like a feather in your hand,
You make me feel protected.

The wind no longer passes through my veins,
You carry me above the sky -
Making me feel worthy...
After waiting so long.


  • Nov 29, 2020

  • Nice

    Nov 29, 2020

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