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J.Bennette,59, poem,pillow,talk,Talk with ya lay with ya play with ya stay with ya whisper things in your ear you'd  like to hear pull you close to my side of the bed pillow talk late night hype time in the queens bed parting open your spreaded legs lean to you say to you come here close to me it's pillow talk between you an me it's pillow love time it's my shine let me relax your mine caress an massage your body all over it's pillow talk grind girl you are so much mine come here roll over close let me tell you a bed time story it's after dark the lights are completely off it's me an you in the open space of the queens bed I'm over there your call to me come pillow talk to a pretty girl such as me it's pillow groove girl your so smooth your body is so unique your the pillow talk pillow love I want to fluff in the bed next to me girl it's pillow talk in-between you an just me in-between your silk pander bear bed sheets ooh weeee,poem pillow.talk,2020


  • comeing around nice an slow j.bennette59Americain.poet

    Nov 29, 2020

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