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Caught in two different worlds,
As in Luceafarul by Mihai Eminescu.
We belong to each other
But we cannot live our love,
Because everyone is against us.

I have star dust on my shoulders,
My mouth smells of honey.
I look up at the sky looking for you.
I'm waiting for you to come, my darling.

  Caught in the time left between
Today and tomorrow's care.
I hold you captive for a second longer,
Between my dusty lungs while the curtain falls.

Please come down or help me up,
Let's try to be on the same level.
I don't want the same sad story
As Romeo and Juliet.

I just want to be safe and sound together,
To write the story of our lives
With a happy ending.


  • Nov 28, 2020

  • Nov 28, 2020

  • So nice

    Nov 28, 2020

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