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J.Bennette59,poem,so fly, so so fly I'm high above floating an strokeing as I go as highest I get the flyest around the best yet to come like a birds humm so fly humble to the core they scream they yell they shout for  much more fly with the swagg  the walk the talk the combosation groove to smooth can't loose haters sad from the fly blues I am I is here I am there I go the flyest from all around tears she shed from the dern fly words I wrote I write this americain poet just said poem,so fly,2020


  • Tramell Fortson

    Tramell Fortson

    i writing poerty everyday

    Nov 28, 2020

  • texas don.g.nutt59

    Texas Don.g.nutt59

    poem awaken awoke come wide awake take no break highest in the room been on the spot words spelled said so hot im on the spot arise with shine you know my name you know who i be daybreak is the stimulation of me in are out of the bed im fully full words auminition said sprayed this time this day i completely say anyway j.bennette59.2020

    Nov 28, 2020

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