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Chloe's POV
So Kim just called and said he was bringing Mari over he also said to get kaalki and go to gotham and get Harley Quinn and Poison-Ivy.

"KAALKI FULL GALLOP!" I yelled then said "Voyage"

In gotham.

Harley's POV
So me and Ivy were moving in together and when we were about to go in a girl came through a portal saying that her friend Kim told her to get them.

"Okay Sugah we'll come." I said.

" Yeah let's go." Ivy said.

In Chloe's Room.

Ivy's POV
When we got to chloe's room I saw my daughter laying there with a white bandage wrapted around her side I couldn't believe it.

"H-Harly." I said trying not to cry.

" Yes Puddin'." Harley said.

"L-Look over there." I said while pointing to where my daughter was.

So Harley looked over.

" Cupcake! What happened to her?!?" Harley asked while trying not to cry.

" There's this girl in our class named Lila Rossi and everyone else in our class beside's everyone in here believed her lies and I found her outside her house with a knife in her side she said Alya a girl i our class who used to be best friends with Mari stabbed her in her side" Kim explained.

Harley's POV * again.
I cant believe it some b*tch stabbed my daughter and just left her to die. When I get my hands on her I will kill her. While I was thinking I didn't notice how I started to cry and next thing I knew I was on the floor crying and so was Ivy.


I will make a part 3 it's just typing all this on my phone makes my fingers hurt but if I was on something different I would put everything in one writing😁


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