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This year has been a nightmare 
And I am afraid that next year
 Will be the sequel.  

I lost many people,
 I lost myself in many thoughts.
It was a difficult year,
 Not only for myself, 
But also for the rest of this world. 

We had to reorganize our lives,
 To appreciate more the freedom
 That we don't have it so much now, 
Due to this "virus".  

But we must recognize
 That the virus has always existed.
We are the virus when we live 
In the lives of others just
 To destroy the hearts that love us.

 And then to destroy their souls, 
As if nothing bad had happened before.

Sometimes we steal the freedom of those
 Who love us unconditionally, 
Holding them unhappy as prisoners
 In our toxic relationships.  

A virus had to appear, 
To understand this toxicity,
 Trying to release it.

But it certainly won't be as dangerous
 As other diseases we already have it 
In our hearts and minds.


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