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Trademarking a business is common in the world right now. It delivers authenticity to your customers and a competitive advantage over your competitors. However, people do not know more about trademarking mobile apps. They think that having a mobile app online does not require a trademark. 

But let me tell you that you are living in a fool’s paradise. Nowadays, you even need a trademark for your mobile apps that you have uploaded online for others so that you can make money. Don’t you think so? Well, then keep reading until the end and I hope you will get convinced whether you need it or not.

It is your business
The first thing you need to keep in mind that the app is your business. You have invested a lot of time and money for what? Of course, to make money from the app, right? Other than that, you would not invest that money and time at all unless you were a fool and stupid. 

So when it comes to business, you must need a trademark. Without a trademark, you cannot do proper business. Yes, surely you will see a lot of apps are running without the trademark, but having the trademark will give you an additional benefit. You can visit Trademarkfactory to know details about it. 

IIt ensures your legalityI
Besides, when you have a trademark, you have a legal entity for your app as a business. Your app can act as a legal entity as well. Without the trademark, you don’t have any right to use your app as a legal entity. I hope you are smart enough to understand the value of a legal entity.

It protects your idea
Think about the situation. You are an app developer or you have a great idea about the app that can change the world just like Facebook, Whatsapp, and others. Then you have invested a lot of time and money into it to make it happen. You are so happy that it is online now. People are loving it a lot.

However, after a few days, you have seen that a giant company has brought a similar app with more features since they have a lot of money to invest. Now, what will you do? Can you file a case? Not at all. Why? Well, you don’t have any trademark that can say that you are legal. Now you see the need for a trademark.

It protects your identity
Finally, a trademark will protect your identity. A trademark is not a sign or name or logo only, it is an identity for you. When you have a trademark, you have the right to use all those. No one else has the right to use any of these.
As you can see that there are a lot of reasons why you should have a trademark for your mobile app. A lot of people ignore this and suffer ultimately. I am sure you are a smart persona and you won’t make that mistake. 


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