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Half the story ain't never been told.
 Bob Marley."

History has a way of changing the meaning of stories or Legends
due  in part to the passing of time .
For example the story of Jesus. It is a beautiful Grand notion and perhaps that is the only point,  but the actuality of those things taking place?  let's think about it for a minute.
 Perhaps Jesus was a logger? We  know he was the son of a carpenter, and to be a carpenter you need wood .
 Well is it possible that while out scouting for logs or  Timbers worthy of his craft that he became injured or ill.?
 Perhaps he had fallen from a great height, or a tree fell on top of him? 
Then when the people who were with him or the people who found him saw how hurt he was.  They acted quickly, as to save his life.
 They devised a simple sturdy way to transport not only the injured Jesus but also his precious wood. He could have been in any state of unconsciousness or pain. His ankles could have been crushed...  they could have used the thorny Vines to secure his head as it was the strongest thing they could find to keep his head from flopping around and breaking his neck!
 Maybe the 9in.  nails were there for handles as well as to secure Jesus to his makeshift stretcher also using ripped cloth,  or linen.
Then,  they used the laws of physics to move him and his precious wood to where he could get medical attention.
 Upon arrival they found he had infection...
 Wich had to be cut or lanced. Perhaps his organs were ruptured and in need of repair, ?removal  and or cleansing from sepsis.
Then they covered him with clean white linen and laid him on a flat surface to begin healing,  the Cold Stone would have kept his temperature from rising too high, and after he rested and healed he returned back to work.
 The people of the time saw a bloody crucifixion and resurrection from death.
Over time the story began to have religious overtones.  These overtones were used to control and deceive Jesus's followers. 
They wrongfully put the Good Men of his ilk into a position of murderers and persecutors,
When in reality  they were his good friends.   They saved his life...  Could it have been that his father or his Elders practiced  the most amazing Alchemy and Medicine of the day , and because those were not a boastful people they were not concerned with recognition.   Then fell victim to being forever immortalized and criminalized in the minds of religious followers... ?
 While the real true evil comes in the form of ignorance, and lack of faith in the good nature and love of our ancestral fathers, good men,
under the bond of love and friendship. 
 Fellowship that we could call the hands of God.


  • perhaps jesus was a prospector,.surveyor...?

    Nov 26, 2020

  • Nov 26, 2020

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