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Embracing your Multiplicity ;
stop referring to people with multiple personalities as having a dis" order.
When in fact people who live life this way must have a much more complex order  to function in society.
 They are ostracized,  criminalized  and pushed into believing that they are crazy.  & in need of fixing,  in need of medicating... but that is not true!
 It is possible that a person could begin to unwind oneself  and unwrap the layers of doubt and the labels placed upon them. Many times it is the scars that Society has put on people that take the longest to heal.

 An individual almost always begins life as one (singular)  , but as we well know is cceptable especially at a very young age to becoming split.  Usually as the result of trauma. Wether done by  a specific entity for a desired purpose (result) or by accident still the premises  is the same.

A young mind will split to become ones own companion. !A safeguard,  a way to save the vital Humanity inside of the human. 
As children they aren often called invisible friends Etc... and they integrate into a holy unified adult person. Depending on the duration of trauma and how long into development that the trauma occurred.
  At this point the person has either integrated, having not been subjected to any further tortures.  Or, they are at the hands of a monarch style  Master/  Slave lrogramme setup. 
If they have not been split by an entity and remain so into adulthood the usual is to become diagnosed with schizophrenia and other types of mental illness and be called crazy.

This does not need to be,  there are other ways to grow together as individuals and retain sanity. The key is in having an open dialogue between personalities, and coming to an understanding as to who the head of the household is.(Respectively) treat each one as  you would any person that you trust or admire any person that you even just know. 
Give each one the time and respect to say their piece involve them if they want involvement . Involve them in decision making and remind one another to stay on track.
 Become your own support system. Become your own best friend!  because quite literally you are &,you can be! and it's okay.
 nobody who lives a life as a singular person will ever know what this is like.


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