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I wonder what my life will bring. I sometimes think I'm part of something bigger. What that is have no clue. I have dreams but they seem so far away. I wonder if im wasting my life and what i could do different. I know God has placed me in this season for a reason. I dont know why and my purpose but i have tontrust him. I love God and I trust him but I'm human and i sin daily. I know I can do better. I want better but just dont know where to start. I pray everday that he would just step in and take over. I know I can't do this on my own. Im thankful for all my blessing and lessons. PLEASE LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH


  • Nov 26, 2020

  • It is human to feel all the things you're feeling, to wonder, to question, but you know what? You're doing just fine. The answers you seek will be revealed in His time. Till then, keep the faith and keep on living 💜

    Nov 26, 2020

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