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Through meadows

And streams

I learned to sew

Forgot my childhood dreams

Living on a bookshelf

Waiting patiently to be hold once again

I recognize myself

With broken glass and an abnormally used pen

I wish to write more

Just as I once did

I wanna be in the sky at a soar

I wanna be once again, a kid

A child that sees the story in the tree trunk

Which has vines down it’s limbs in all compass directions

The quick sand was the place I sunk

Coming out as a new kaleidoscope of I finances winds

I am not ordinary

I am not misleading

I am extraordinary

I am a light that keeps on beaming

You will never be able to copy me

I will forever be in this dance of dreaming

A story

Written on a hidden ceiling

Look at me

I am forever in the awe of trees and stars that are weeping


In life there is no such thing as a score

This game has puzzle pieces not all of us see

A queen became a shattered beauty

Am only I as Audree

Will know the rarity in my journey

Through stepping stones

And garden gnomes

The crystals are growing from the trees

And the water sparkles back at me


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