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Oral traditions in written word is fast become a thing of the past. 
Extinction of these traditional methods of  record-keeping and storytelling seems imminent. Then what?
  Most,  if not all of today's information is recorded and stored by artificial means.
 On computers,  in the cloud ...coded...  bites...& bits.
 This is done Via. Pulses of invisible light. 
The trouble with that is,
 once the information is entered into the web it is bouncing out onto cell phone towers, into space and back to earth.&
 Once it is out there.
 It is always out there! Just bouncing around randomly. Hackers and computer savvy Pirates are able to grab these bits of information.
  Sending them through a computer program, the program is set to recognize certain types of information like personal account numbers and keywords.  Words  like currency ,money or real estate and legal jargon.
  It can then be recalled and used to steal from you, 
 to erase or change information .   I think at some point the system  the net and it servers will become aware of its own existence & will begin using this information, the system could begin to bend, change and alter things...
 Who would be able to stop it? People trust computers read outs charts Etc...
  they won't realize what is happening until it is too late.
  whatever has been entered into the system can be accessed changed  deleted or fabricated completely.
 Made up out of fragmented pieces, bits of information. Wholy falsified personas and accounts, ID numbers,  everything that would indicate that there were a person behind the profile... but there won't be and who will even know?
 The written word is at least free from being subject to change at the whim of a computer. Somebody once told me that the one difference or the one thing that humans had that no other beings have is an imagination.  The ability to imagine something completely new.
To be inspired and  to create based on those inspirations.
Machines and computers now have the ability to listen to our thoughts, and
To determine future actions based on collected data. 
 they also have a sort of artificially created imagination  A faux inspiration mode_ they reuse data mix-and-match into new subjects very much like we do but we call it imagination.


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