Dont Leave Read Count : 23

Category : Poems

Sub Category : N/A
I know what I feel and that's what's real 
So you know my minds a lil quirky
 thoughts get broken 
 I've been left wanting
These are fears of fears
Everyone left before 
Feel like I'm not real
I forget who I am 
sub conscious closing in
past that brought fears
Feeling like nothing last forever
Question your every intention
Not to blame it's just my thoughts
A mind that's been abused 
Left without love
A little understanding
Some reassurance 
Dont let what I think
Be the ruin
My broken thoughts 
Need love and attention
I dont know what's real 
Sometimes hard to cipher
Dont run away if you can
I just need one person to
Make a stand
I love you


  • Nov 26, 2020

  • Nov 26, 2020

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