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With a peck on her cheek, she woke up to a  cup of hot tea and pancakes. "Awwn breakfast in bed", I could see those words in her eyes.
I sat next to her in my briefs and my morning boner seem to have lingered. I could tell by her stylish peak at it while we ate.
Yea she needed to pee and the dishes had to be taken out, She went for the bathroom while I went for the kitchen. Halfway I stopped to look at her curves as I usually do,  Nita you're amazing I said in my head.
She stopped at the door turned around and smiled, I quickly dropped the tray, dashed fast into the bathroom, Nita was in the shower, I let the linen off and joined in the warm bath, without words she put the sponge in my hands and turned around, I rubbed my hands through her back down her waist line as I scrubbed her back gently until she felt it on her bum, this time our silence became so loud the water from the shower sounded like the waves against rocks. Then I tried to bend her over and gain a slow slide, but she shook her head in refusal and I felt alone in a castle in the woods.
She turned around facing me, while the water poured on our faces we tried to stare in each other's pupil as though love and lust lies within, the fire in my eyes could tell I wanted this, the flames in her bright beautiful eyes said she wasn't sure. She reached out and picked a blind fold, she tied my eyes and then I heard the door close, (apparently she left the bathroom).

A few minutes later the door was opened and I could feel Nita pulling me to the room, she sat me down on a soft armless chair that feels like a drummer's stool.   then I felt my hands were being cuffed and I knew my day was about to start. 
At this point I could only perceive Nita's cologne and I wished I could place my hand on the back of her head while I pull her over to myself, but I was cuffed, while I imagined vain stuff I felt a hand on my shoulder and a soft bite on my neck, at that instance I felt my balls switch positions, and my penis getting hard and pointed like pines.
Nita kissed my neck and rubbed my chest and thighs till my legs shook, I felt her hands slowly drawing up towards my balls and then she stopped just before my dick and walked away. What a suspense I said to myself, at this point my cap needed to be rubbed, my heart beat doubled and there was no sound from Nita in the room.
 Suddenly I felt  my penis wallow in warmth, yea Nita came through at last as I took this deep breath of ecstasy. I was practically aroused and pleasure delayed. My hormones were triggered and my cells were sensitive to every moves her tongue made, while she rubbed my balls gently.
I couldn't help it as I let out tiny moans like whimpers. I wished to choke her, rub her breasts or pull her hair but I was handicapped. 
Nita then stood up and sat down, yea I mean she sat on it, and I could feel every shade  of wetness in there, she wrapped her arms around my neck while she grinded in a circular motion, all I could do was tilt my head backwards in pleasure, while she turned in a reverse , hands touching her toes(imagine that) then she starting bouncing on the joy stick, i was about to cum but we tried so hard to be quiet till she bursted out *I'm coming* ,  we both came and she let me loose. We cuddled up on the ground covered in some cotton ,then I ......

To be continued

It was the 2nd of January, Nita and I planned earlier to have a day without words.


  • Nov 21, 2020

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    Nov 22, 2020

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