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The neighbors could hear them as they argued and shouted at each other.
It was saturday morning Ela and Sid just returned from the club , Ela was drunk and her crazy was out. As they got home she pulled Sid by his shirt straight to the bedroom, she was ovulating again and her hormones always take the better of her this period of the month.
She pulled her trousers down leaving her round bare butt staring straight at Sid whose trouser was already getting agitations from junior to give way. 
He quickly pulled it down and went straight into her vagina . Ela has been drinking too much lately because she has been going through a hard time in making decisions
Sid was huge and energetic , the type of man every girl wanted, but one thing was missing he didn't taste like Toby, he fucks her till shes exhausted and comes all over the sheet but she wanted something else (foreplay).
After the nice rounds of doggy, they lay down to watch videos they made at the club, then she got a pop up WhatsApp notification on her screen, *Toby texted her " you were beautiful in those clothes at the club"*  
Not again, Sid said as he turned away from Ela and dozed off. Ella has been dating Sid for 7 months now and it has been difficult for her to forget Toby. 

But wait? Is Toby back in Nigeria?

Let's find out who Toby is.

Toby and I met at the club sometime in December, I and my friends were walking down the stairs into the club , I remember it was Moscow underground, Abuja and then this fine man was walking out and our eyes met, Toby I must say is a mix of shy and daring.  He  smiled in a very funny way like he didn't want to be seen smiling and the smile not reciprocated. Me as a boss lady I just rolled my eyes(nigga was hot sha). 
Fastforward Toby didn't leave the club again he returned and got himself a spot where he could vision my every move. Minutes later a dude was talking to me in the most romantic way ever , he said he was Tobenna and wanted to buy me a drink, the shisha in the air couldn't stop his perfume. Boss lady in me replied I can buy one for myself, he insisted and I followed him to his table, he ordered and we started talking he was calm and funny I laughed like I was in a comedy show and we partied like its 1960. Then I was cold(the ac in Moscow feels like Moscow in Russia) he pulled his jacket and gave to me and then I saw his arms, what's it with me and these guys that work out.
Yea I was caught up, my friends left in our pre-ordered  uber and Toby was going to drop me off.
I was tipsy already we were driving home, he was so smooth with words and avoided an eye contact, shy boy stopped around the corner before my boulevard and looked straight in my eyes with his hands on my thigh I felt moist instantly, oh I was wet already, this one night stand won't pass me by I said to myself.
He pulled me closer and we kissed , his lips so soft , his breath like champagne, I was drunk in lust. He pulled my wig off and and ran his fingers through my all back(who told this nigga that alone turns me on) take it easy I said to myself as I went for his dick and eventually stopped at his lap. Toby relaxed the seat and I was ready for whatever.
He rubbed my thighs and ran his fingers through all the way to my pussy, I felt his magic fingers as he pulled down my pants. Toby open heavens gate when he lifted my gown and went for my titties, his soft lips again on my nipples I didnt want to think of anything other, His fingers already rubbing my clit I gasp for air , this pleasure was too much for me.
Then he slipped down to my vagina and I felt that warm breath on my clit, oh my pussy throbbed. Toby I said in my weakest voice, he was eating me so hard, he licked me like a vacuum cleaner, Toby multi tasked on me, he rubbed my clit vigorously with his thumb, while his tongue was full length into my pussy eating me and his other hand was up squeezing my breasts .
Now I wanted a deep thrust as my pussy walls yearned for some strokes.  I quickly unbuckled his belts and pulled out his dick, (omg, makemba I must call this huge rod) I rubbed it with both hands and Toby let out this manly moan that sparkled like stars in my head.
He turned me around and inserted this rod through the back , I never knew there was a fuck rhythm, Toby fucked me like he was drumming and my legs vibrated in utmost pleasure.
He pressed me flat on my stomach, lay flat on my back and grinded in and out of my pussy as I moaned in my loudest, I came all over the front seat and he came all over my butt. We were both exhausted .
We drove  home in satisfied silence, exchanged contacts then he left.
He traveled to London the next morning and I've never seen him since then, we just chat on WhatsApp and talk on phone.


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