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She's a song I couldn't sing, 
She's a dress I couldn't wear. 
 She's a story I can't read, 
She's everything I've felt.

  She is a rare bird, 
You don't see her 
Walking on the streets by night.
She likes to fly as far as possible, 
So I can't keep her close to myself.  

She is the watch that wakes me up
 After letting me dream about her daily,
With my eyes completely closed
And my thoughts full of desires.

  She is the courage I never had, 
She is the drop of happiness I need to have.
She is everything I remember,
 The rainbow that colors my darkness.

She is an angel that I could not touch, 
She is a gift that I wanted so much.
She is the harmony that I would like to have,
She is the light I need to turn on to light my way.


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