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J.bennette59,story slow groova59 Proluge,page.one,Say cuzz roll the dice homeboy the youngsta with the braids an the cute young face as he sat on one knee shakeing the dice capping shakem up shakem  watch me rollem out seven are eleven then breakem he said back door ooh no there goes lil Joe he said as he let the dice go from the shake in his hand hit the concrete floor  there goes money time on lil Joe he said as the dice rolled one after another soun out an seven was the point shot made I guess you then already know lil Joe just picked up his hood shine from the surface of this slow Groova floor he said racking the p the thousand dollar pot you already know me an my style cuz it's Groova so smootha he said as he stood up next in line it's still in between hours of street work time he said laughing as the rest of them mingled around an saying there go lil Joe  they said he win you never here the end huh yeah man as. The older homeboy g.nutt walked up what's up with it cuzz still the same ole shit o.g Ken said yeah I know what they hit for cuz you call the shot bar fade straight make it he said I got three to win are loose homey he said that's a bet that's a shoot roll homeboy he said t.lay  he said as he let the one dice roll out he hit a nine as the youngsta lil Joe shot a six  you go big homey already I got a c.note an another straight make it he said as all them dressed in blue an orange an black an there local homey Texas.don.g.nutt59  logo on there clothes an shirt he was straight an tight bussiness as he rolled the dice out an eleven turned up ooh ooh he said shot made cuzz sweeps the floor an just got a few more street dayzs he said picking up his money shoot three bet one he said straight make he said shakeing up the dice as he said sweep like the police kick door when they come for me the life of a original o.g to the game here's fame he said as the dice rolled out onto eight point he said make itoney about to be took I taken they say o.g just breakem as he shook the dice then let them roll out eight four by gours he said as the dice spun them landed on eight four by gours it was look at me boy he said hyped I then built the home you just gave money dollar bill on he said as he picked up his money  an said that's nine on the shot the three on the bet that bad chick who in my crib tonight for mad loveing an hot sex he said as he rolled the dice they spun for a sec then layed out seven ooh man I'ma lucky charm tonight he said as he grabbed his cash from the floor looks like blood spills cause my dice shoot I kills I'm for so real he said as they giggled an laughed they where cool like that they where all homeboys some old some young  slow groovas, page two.Tiffany was a real thick an sexy  chick thick waist  fat apple bottom booty that jiggled  when she walked all the fellows an players an hustlers an street niggas knew her as she passed by what's up Tiff one said as she walked by what's up Billy ain't nothing he said cutey pie hmmp she said yeah a nigga been looking pretty youngthang he said as he continued you down to let a brotherai holla are what Tiff he said you Hollaing right now she said to him holla on holla long holla at me strong she said as he laughed out clapping his hands  alright homegirl it's a slow Groova thang he said as she smiled alright Groova story slow Groova ,2020


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