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My name is K_____ and I have a problem. Well its not really a problem but my mom sees it as a big problem. Then she comes to school and talks to my class teacher and it becomes an even bigger problem. They talk in hush hush voices while my head is bent on an English assignment. They think I dont know but i can feel their pity looks towards my direction. 
What is the problem anyway? Yes I cant read and write like an average 8 year old yet. So what? I don't even understand what I'm doing right now. I squint hard to read a sentence but I feel a bit dizzy looking at all those words so close to each other, they seem to be crawling like tiny ants . How did that happen? I'm beginning to get a headache looking at the paper so I start doodling instead till the bell goes off. 
I jumped up from my chair and handed over the assignment to my teacher and went out for breaktime.


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    Nov 17, 2020

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