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J.Bennette59 story That Boss59 proluge page one The day had been long as he sat deeply in the plush leather blue seats of his stretched limo as he blew his breath in an out rubbing his hair ooh wee the day had been very busy as usual as the marble blue limo turned the corner climbing on top of the highway the freeway was packed as always doing the six pm hour when most got out from work but J Boss was use to it he was well worth his foundation an money as he rode in the middle of his stretched limo he dialed his beautiful wife playaon number as he rode on in silence his driver a very professional an trained officer who was excellent in car driven skilled to perfection of the road an highway an weapons he was smart an intelligent he knew the life an j.boss had taught him more he was a very professional fighter he was kunfu karate an nija fighter in the art of martial arts as j.boss rode the phone answered hey baby he said glad you called she said got a few money package in today she said very good bae he responded so politely to her he was that Tupac guy that type of man honest secure an loyal he didn't never ever get made with her she was a very great jewel in his life he loved her he trusted her tremendosely she was his faith very faithful to him an he could count on her she wasn't the trash from the slums an gutter she was remarkable rich when he meet her as she said it's in the safe down below as always she said to him good very good playaon  he says d to her very happily to hear her so femmine of a voice she was a super natural natural woman with gray eyes light brown skin five feet tall thick black n the waist very apple in the bottom behind in great shape at the age of 41 she was the supermodel chick of the new time she was a appetite in the bedroom he couldn't stop are get over that goidloveing she had an gave as he said I'm on my way have the shower warm an ready lay me out some comfortys she echoed as he finished his conversation as he giggled you know me don't you babee he said in that manly tone that she liked you know I'm in your corner I'm up r special girl an lady baby we are so unique together she said that we are he said see you in a minute girl sure thing my honey love she said alright he said blowing kisses threw the phone at her an hung up they where a twenty minutes from there destination when the limo cutt the corner on parkster street when a spray of bullets riddled the limo j.boss rolled low to the floor as he hit the saftey button an the inside screens lit up the limo insides showing the outside of the streets the seats moved up then folded inward to nothing but space completely gone as automatic weapons appeared an anmo with semi automatic weapons an machine guns as he peered threw the screens an saw the shooters an there car spinning out as he hit the speaker follow that garbage Mack he said to his driver on it boss as the big limo hurled itself threw the run down streets j.boss opened the sucide doors on the limo as it closed the gap between the limo an there assalints j.bosd brought the machine gun ak 47 up an aimed as he sprayed shot after shot the car back tires blew out as he fired again an again the windows burst shattering glass an bullets all in the inside up ahead the car ran into a wall an came to a halt it's tires squealing on the street surfaces as it stoped j.boss exited precaution his weapon held low his body in a Groova crouch as he moved three steping slowly at  the car his weapon pointed never ever wavering are leaving are loosing it's aim as he neared them the damage was very apparently the driver was dead blood ran on to the seats all over the front windshield  an seats the back seats where dead three men the passenger seat dead as well as he peered at the men he knew none of them he saw that they probably where some jackers an a hitt team as he cleared the path in a split  sec an was back inside let's go get to the condo he said okay boss Mack said as he peeled off an he hit the switch puting seats an weapons back as they flew out of there another day of the Boss of bosses he thought some tryed some died some lost some win story That Boss59.2020


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