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J Bennette59 short,story casanovia Standing in the room his hair being rubbed by his beautiful wife the tall five foot nine middle age young man was relaxing on the love counch as his beautiful an sexy mistress known as marsey an light skin high yellow first class woman rubbed her man's hair ooh baby he said that feels so good to me love he breath in an out your so precious an needed at times he said to her as he inhaled an exhaled his breath blowing in an out his mouth you are a life saver my boo he said as he grabbed the radio system remote an pressed play to the vocal sounds of Texas,don.g.nutt59 slow jam song all that she wanted in her life was a one night stand she knew an knows I be the right man all that she wanted an needed in her life was a guy like me to massage her up an down all over make her purr as a kitten give her pleasure sun up to sun down her one night stand in-between the sheets with a special guy like me kisses down low like Kelly rowland sang me an her together one on one it's a one night stand she moans an groans in pleasure over the love making of me I'm just a real o.g all that she wanted an need was a one night stand as the music played casanovia say back his finger tips tapping on his thigh as he looked at marsey a very pretty woman with sky blue eyes an a very womanly manner so femmine he couldn't help but keep her hold her close at his side casanovia was a pure breeded man who truely understood women an there ways he was use to them the old the young the youngsta he was a long time player in the womanizer life he hadn't meet one he couldn't conversate are talk with he understood the female race period he was casanovia the player short story casanovia 2020


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    Nov 14, 2020

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