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Working for Uncle Sam 

He puts dollars in yo hand 

So don’t act too sad 

Or he might kick you to the can 

I’m patriotic don’t get me wrong 

I’d be there fighting for my country but too busy writing this song 

Stop and hit the bong 

like cheech and Chong 

Now all those days are gone 

 working hard for my money 

Big goals in mind 

Collecting my honey 

The only bee that rhymes 

The sun will shine 

and bring me to my time 

Now I gotta go 

Cock back and load 

I’m Running from my home 

Stay Persistent yo’

  Cuz imma go the distance 

Stay real consistent

I got a mission 

 Focus on nutrition 

Focus intuition 

Focus on the system

Food for thought

keep on pushing these plots 

real soon you’ll get it 

Don’t get mad if you not 

Just sit back and think 

Think Before you speak

And act upon your truths 

The journey of troubled youth


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