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Feeling embarrassed  but don’t pity me, fool 

I feel like a king, unable to rule 

The peasants are wicked 

a one way ticket 

Brings them to wisdom and knowledge 

But few peasants become noblemen, 

You can relate this to college, 

But you won’t get the satisfaction of 

peace in your soul 

Or something that teaches you how to quadruple the amount of love that you hold

That’s a lesson you take on your own terms you’re solely responsible if you don’t learn 

every dollar you don’t earn is something you must not adjourn

Hard work is a virtue, it’s what makes us men. But what if we take the road less perused 

And focused on when. 

When you’ll take action 

And believe In your mind 

You may be surprised-with what you find inside

No need to hide 

Evil is near 

But the grace and divinity 

Will never be feared 


That’s why evil is weak and substance is missing 

a whisper from the devil can be translated into false reminiscing 

The word of love is spoken is tongues 

take a deep breath and breath with your lungs

These things remain- even with no funds 

Never forget 

forever a fathers son 


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