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As I say goodbye it’s my last wish to give you some words that you might miss. 

I write this for you in my apologetic nature 

But forgive me for being worry. I don’t mean to cause a rapture 

I thank you for bringing life unpon me and treating me as such 

I don’t mean to be inconsiderate but I’m sorry if I haven’t done much 

The weight on my shoulders is bringing me down 

I struggle to survive because I’m not from this town 

I come from a place of misfortune and pain 

All of the things I wouldn’t wish upon men 

Step out of bed and start to unwind 

Get stabbed in the back one million times 

I don’t mean to be gory for this is a story 

A story of love, which appears much less boring.

To the inconsistent fool who spends his days in an allegory 

Facing a tunnel and unable to look back 

Life is based upon fortune and lack 

The injustice of mankind and spiritual warfare 

Don’t look at me blindly for that shows you don’t care

Simply at all  

We look at the earth and we call it a mall 

Buying and buying and spending and spending 

Haven’t you realized your life is on pending ?

These are my words and I hope you forgive me 

I apologize for all of the words that you can’t see

Just keep looking I promise theyre there 

Just like the bullets and bombs that you bear 

Mankind is seemingly Kidd-ish

Goodbye and good riddance 


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