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We sippin on Hennessy 

The ballad paints a melody 

The darkness paints the night 

Smokin on trees  

Brings me to the light 

Don’t test me 

Might turn to a fight 

Take you to school 

Break all the rules 

Make you feel real cool 

Radical beliefs 

And Coherent motifs 

It’s time to debrief 

The pattern you can’t see

It’s mind control 

A Hollywood role 

takes a big toll 

On a road with no head lights 

flying a kite with no strings

queens with no kings 

College with no fees

These are things you can’t see

Willful ignorance is 

Spiritual violence 

Let your mind become silent 

And form an alliance 

With the divine within

Without it you cant win 

The devil hits you in the chin 

He brings you fake loving

Next just in 

I gotta tell you something

I borrowed this time from my father 

helping me grow smarter 

Rhyming like Wayne i Sound like carter 

Feel real good 

Just Like I should 

Feelin like Marley 

Should buy a Harley 

Smoking herb and staying lifted 

just might stop when I go on a mission 

Helping me stop all this depression 

Look at me I’m lyrically gifted 

Hope I pass this gift to my children 

If I can’t they’ll still get a million 

Look at me I’m sittin on billion 

Sittin in a Bentley 

Not too friendly 

My girl likes it rough 

not gently 

Ok I’m kidding I drive a Ford 

One you can’t afford 

but I didn’t lie she likes it roughly 

But also when I fuck her softly

Feelin real tough 

Look at these gains

 I feel real buff 

Own no stuff 

man you lying 

that’s a bluff 

Got my homies up in cuffs 

Now we gonna set them free 

your mind is blind 

I agree 

Can’t open the door you got no key 

I’ll take this love 

As far as you can see 


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