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All the shame that I’ve felt

All the pain that I’ve delt

All the lessons I’ve learned and 

People I’ve hurt 

I ask for forgiveness in this twisted world of hate 

I couldnt be anymore blessed for love that never came late 

You loved me when I was blind 

You loved me even when I was trying to hide 

You loved me in times of triumph and suffering 

You taught me how to be strong against my addictive personality 

For these things, I couldn’t thank you anymore 

I’m sorry that when given the opportunity to walk through your door

I chose a different route 

I chose a path that was unclear

And forced me to shout 

And scream for your love,

The highest power up above 

The road to hell is wide 

The hike to heaven is long

Without your love I wouldn’t know where I’d be going 

But now that I’ve found you, I’ll never walk with fear by my side

You’ve got me in your arms and you’re holding me tight 

Little did I know this whole time 

You were putting up a fight

Teaching me lessons and giving me things 

I could never repay you for the love that you bring 

But in return this is what I can do,

I’ll love everyone equally just as you do 

Ill spread your word to the highest of mountains 

And rest assured anyone who drinks from my fountain 

Will be planted a seed 

Maybe one day, we can end all of their suffering. 


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