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Category : Diary/Journal

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Momma always told me don’t eat 

the snow 

I started smoking shit 

that grows

Too difficult to grow up

 in a broken home 

Put a 40 to the dome 

Got no place to go


The disease became terminal 

I had to paint a mural 

Black and white with hallucinary visuals


The blood splattered teardrops across the white snow 

Left me with no option but to finally hit the blow 

Addiction started slow, no place like home. 

Asked myself where am I going? 

A path to self destruction and meaningless ideals

Becoming constructive in the mass appeals

Let life become real


Dreams are reality, don’t let life be a salary, 

If happiness came hourly 

Would you be proud of who you grew to be? 

Putting in the hours, gotta be official

Get yo hands off yo pistol, 

Your minds a fucking missile

Guide it to clear the way or blow your fucking 


No more suffering no more pain. 

Looking onto better days 


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